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Fire Extinguisher Training

Whatever type of fire extinguisher your business premises utilises, it is vital that your employees know exactly how to use the product in the event of a fire. There are a number of guidelines when it comes to fire extinguisher safety and without the necessary training your employees will not have the knowledge to use firefighting equipment confidently and safely.

Here at Workplace Fire & Safety Training Ltd, we provide the very best Fire Extinguisher Courses around so you can rest assured that your employees, visitors and premises are fully safeguarded. We are the only fire training provider to deliver courses designed in line with Defence System Approach to Training (DSAT) Quality Standards and we pride ourselves on taking a thought-provoking yet all-inclusive stance when it comes to fire safety in the workplace.

Our Extinguisher Training courses give your staff the practical and hands-on experience they need to tackle small fires with live demonstrations and exercises. Our specially designed courses also instil a theoretical knowledge of fire extinguisher methods and fire awareness so each delegate can fully understand the types of fire that occur in the modern workplace and the most effective course of action for each class.

In just two hours, your employees will gain the knowledge they need to make practical use of extinguishers and achieve a greater understanding of fire risk, classes and awareness.

Fire extinguishers can easily be incorrectly used in the event of a fire, but thanks to our Fire Extinguisher Courses your employees can build confidence and experience.

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