Fire Risk Assessment

Why choose WFST Ltd?

  • We provide our services UK wide.
  • All our Fire Safety Staff are qualified to a minimum of L4 Fire Safety Certificate (Auditors) the same qualifications as Fire Enforcement Officers;
  • All fire safety staff are a minimum of Graduate in the Institute of Fire Engineers.
  • Our Fire risk assessors are still serving or recently retired fire officers who have worked in the industry in business fire safety.
  • Some of our staff train and assess Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services through fire safety qualifications and National Occupational Standards (NOS)
  • We are ISO 9001 approved and will use this quality management in all aspects of our delivery and Service.
  • We have never lost a client through poor work or received a single complaint.

 Prices are from £150 excluding VAT

Why do you need a Fire Risk Assessment?

Moral – lower accidents from fire.

Legal – Legislative orders and acts e.g. Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 and other applicable legislation e.g. Fire (Scotland) Act 2005.

Financial – indirect and direct costs of fires.

The Business case for Fire Safety

The business case for fire safety is centred on the potential costs of poor standards of fire safety. Fines in excess of £400,000 and even higher levels of compensation payments are not uncommon and are rapidly growing year on year. The costs to business can be direct or indirect and insured or not-insured. Some examples of these are as follows;

Insured Direct Costs

  •  Claims on public liability insurance
  •  Damage to buildings, equipment or vehicles
  •  Stop in production or business loss.
  •  The absence of employees who were directly affected.


            Uninsured Direct Costs

  • Fines resulting from prosecution by enforcement authority
  • Sick pay for employees
  • Some damage to products, equipment or vehicles not directly attributable to the incident.
  • Compensation not covered by the insurance
  • Legal representation following any compensation claim.


Insured Indirect Direct Costs

  • A cumulative business loss
  • Product or process liability claims
  • Recruitment of replacement staff


Uninsured Indirect Costs

Loss of goodwill and poor corporate image

  • Fire investigation time and any subsequent remedial action.
  • Production delays
  • Overtime payments to cover missing staff
  • Additional administrative time incurred due to the fire
  • Lower employee morale possible leading to reduced productivity.


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