Fire Safety Training Manchester

Fire Safety Training in Manchester

With over 20 years’ experience in the UK fire services, our team of assessors and trainers has the knowledge you need to take fire safety to the very next level. All our Fire Safety Courses are designed specifically for your company and we take into account the risks that your particular organisation faces in the event of a fire. Through this personalised approach, we provide a complete and comprehensive fire safety solution that protects your workforce, customers, visitors and wider company assets.

Workplace Fire & Safety Training is the only fire training provider in the UK to provide bespoke courses in line with the Defence System Approach to Training (DSAT) model. If you require Fire Safety Training in Manchester, the experts at WFST Ltd can help with a full range of quality assured and cost effective programs.

Fire Warden Training in Manchester

Ensuring your fire marshal or warden is qualified to deliver fire safety management in your workplace is an essential aspect of protecting your staff from the risks and dangers that arise in the event of a fire. Fire marshals and wardens play an integral role in any company, regardless of its niche or size, and our Fire Safety Training programs are designed to help these vital members of your team thrive in a drill or emergency situation.

By providing Fire Warden Training in Manchester, WFST Ltd ensures your warden can identify and reduce fire risks, devise and execute appropriate safety management and evacuation plans, and get your employees, customers and visitors to safety should the worst happen.

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