Tactical Decision Making
for Wardens & Marshals

Fire wardens and marshals play a vital role in the event of a fire and effectively give other employees the confidence to cope in a crisis. Our comprehensive range of fire warden training courses are designed to provide the theoretical and practical skills every warden needs ensuring the ultimate workplace fire safety solution for your business, even to those that have already received a prior fire wardens course.

Our bespoke training packages are the only courses in the UK to use the DSAT model and have provided a benchmark for organisations of all shapes and sizes looking to enhance their approach to fire safety.

Our brand new tactical decision making courses offer an excellent route for all managers and fire wardens, and can be easily incorporated into your existing emergency plan to enhance safety for your employees, customers and wider assets. This particular training course can be specially adapted to your specific work environment to make sure your needs and premises are taken care of. To ensure the safety of your employees and visitors, your warden must be confident and knowledgeable in their approach to fire safety and this tailor-made fire warden training course develops the decision making techniques that are essential in high risk, low delay scenarios.

Our Fire Safety instructors are all qualified and serving fire fighters and understand the importance of being able to work under pressure. Our instructors work with each delegate to ensure they can successfully apply operational procedures and uphold your company’s safety measures.

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