June 5, 2014 

The Defence Systems Approach to Training Quality Standards (DSAT QS) has been deemed the benchmark for fire safety training in the UK. Endorsed by Sir Ken Knight in a recent report, the DSAT model provides a detailed framework for organisations that wish to develop and implement fully complaint systems across their workplace.

Implemented to quash the old, bureaucratic and unresponsive attitude to fire safety, Workplace Fire & Safety Training Ltd is the only fire safety training provider to deliver approved DSAT Courses (Defence System Approach to Training) in the whole of the UK.

How does the DSAT model apply to my business?

Whilst the WFST team aim to design each individual DSAT course to the specific needs of your organisation, the DSAT model can be applied to various areas of your business to ensure you are fully compliant with the latest government fire legislation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The DSAT model influences the scope of the exercise, training analysis, training design and development, course delivery and finally the evaluation of the training provided. As a result, our DSAT courses can be applied uniquely to businesses across all industries.

How do DSAT courses differ from regular training?

We are the only fire safety training provider whose courses are designed to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, Health & Safety legislation AND the Defence System Approach to Training (DSAT) model. By taking into account these three separate pieces of legislation, our bespoke DSAT courses provide first class training like no other.

Unlike courses delivered by other fire safety training providers, our DSAT courses are made to cater to your individual needs, and takes each and every one of your employees on a journey to optimum safety. Our courses are essentially all-encompassing and take your workforce from basic, initial training and refresher programs to specialist courses.

Our DSAT courses

Adopting an effective and efficient fire safety system in your workplace need not be difficult. Each member of our specialist team has a minimum of 10 years’ experience in the HM Armed Forces and UK National Fire Services, and with this expertise deliver professional training in a language that everyone can understand. Make your commercial premises a safe and secure place to work with a DSAT approved, tailor-made training solution.

For further information about the Defence Systems Approach to Training Quality Standards (DSAT QS) or to start the build of your very own DSAT course, call WFST today on 0800 689 4999 or email [email protected].