November 18, 2014 

Fire wardens play an essential role in the management of fire safety within the workplace but what exactly is expected of you should you be appointed as a warden? And how can employers ensure that their workplace’s warden is trained proficiently to carry out their duties safely and confidently?

As the UK’s leading fire safety training provider, we offer a range of legally compliant and high quality courses for workplaces across a number of industries, including fire warden training. As well as having the only courses in the UK designed using the DSAT (Defence System Approach to Training) model, we also provide advice for companies looking to guarantee the highest standards of fire safety on their premises. Here we take a closer look at the role and responsibilities of a fire warden at work so you can ensure safety whatever the future brings…

What is a fire warden?

Often referred to as a fire marshal, a fire warden is a designated individual who has a number of duties and responsibilities to ensure the reduction of risk within a workplace and the safety of its people (including staff, visitors and the general public) in the event of an emergency.

Your duties as a fire warden

Fire wardens have a number of duties, many of which are proactive in limiting or controlling risks and others which are reactive, for example, implementing and executing an evacuation in the event of a fire.

Carrying out and regularly reviewing risk assessments is just one key aspect of your role as a fire warden, and ongoing assessment is needed to ensure any risks or hazards are reported, reduced and removed to increase fire safety within the workplace. Fire wardens must also actively monitor protection measures and equipment, ensuring firefighting equipment and fire doors are in good working condition and any means of escape remain unobstructed.

Your fire warden should also be able to confidently and consistently deliver fire safety plans when emergencies do occur, helping employees, visitors and members of the public get to places of safety when a fire breaks out.

Fire safety training for wardens

Whilst a fire warden has a number of proactive and reactive duties to take care of, it is up to you as an employer, landlord or building owner to ensure your warden is appropriately trained. Our fire warden training courses give your designated employee all the skills they need to manage fire safety in your workplace.

These complete and comprehensive courses cover everything from completing risk assessments and carrying out duties in fire and non-fire emergencies to learning the tactical decision making skills every warden needs to enhance fire safety further.

Make sure your warden is sufficiently trained and your workplace meets and exceed a high standard of safety with our fire warden training courses, call us today on 0800 689 4999 or email [email protected] to find out more.