December 2, 2014 

Under UK legislation, business occupiers, building owners and landlords must keep a written record of fire risk assessment if it employs five or more people. However, whilst it is important to remain legally compliant, whatever your industry, there are a number of additional reasons why completing and reviewing a fire risk assessment is important.

As the UK’s leading fire safety training provider, Workplace Fire & Safety Training (WFST) delivers comprehensive assessments to a range of organisations. In accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, our fire risk assessors work to identify hazards throughout the commercial environment and make recommendations to reduce or eliminate risk to make your workplace safe for your employees and customers.

Here we explore the importance of completing regular fire risk assessments…

Fulfil your legal and moral obligations

Every workplace in the UK must be compliant with the latest legislation, however, completing a regular and thorough assessment is also a way to fulfil your moral obligations to your workforce. An assessment ensures you have the measures in place to protect your employees, visitors and customers should the worst happen and ensures the fatalities often associated with non-domestic fires are prevented.

Identify the hazards

The first step to protecting your premises from fire is understanding the hazards that put the people under your roof at risk. There are a variety of ignition sources that could be present in your commercial or industrial building and our team of assessors use their skills and expertise to spot these whilst offering valuable advice to prevent these from becoming a problem.

A fire risk assessment also works to highlight the parties or individuals at risk so that you can take further steps to protect them.

Plan for an emergency

The next step following the identification of risk and those at risk is making the alterations you need to reduce these hazards. Various measures can be enforced throughout your premises to ensure risks can be reduced or eliminated completely. Training forms an integral part of risk management, and by enrolling your staff on certain fire safety courses you can give them the theoretical and practical knowledge they need.

A fire risk assessment also ensures fire safety equipment is up to standard, and emergency escape routes and plans are effective. Having the confidence, clarity and knowledge to escape and help fellow colleagues in the event of a fire isn’t easy, but our fire safety services and training programmes ensure you can develop these life-saving skills.

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