What Do We Provide

Training Design and Development

Why pay for a full time course designer for training when you can just use WFST Ltd to assist you to design your courses?

No need for wages, pension, equipment, facilities, resources etc.

Just ask us what you want and we will quickly provide a quote and inform you how long it will take. Once the training has been designed, no more need for a course designer.


We offer the following:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Development of Formal Training Statements
  • Residual Training Gap Statements
  • Learner Specifications
  • Theory and Practical Lesson Plans
  • Assessment Strategies and Specifications
  • Programmes


Training Consultancy

WFST Ltd can provide training consultancy and have proven to save companies significant training costs by just allowing us to conduct a full impartial review of your training. Sometimes this has been a simple peer review for another training company who have used us for ideas and coaching to further established themselves in their own field to unlock their hidden potential.


Why choose WFST Ltd?

  • We provide our services UK wide.
  • All our design staff are qualified training designers, assessors, and trainers.
  • We are ISO 9001 approved and will use this quality management in all aspects of our delivery and Service.
  • All our Design staff have held senior positions in training and education in industry and have provided courses to UK military design and development standard – Defence System Approach to Training (DSAT).

To find out more about the Defence System Approach to Training Quality Standards and our specially designed courses, call 0800 689 4999 or email [email protected]

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Contact us today at [email protected] or visit our contact us page for a free, no obligation quote and become one step closer to a safer working environment.

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